enoStave is a company founded in the heart of the Spanish Ribera del Duero wine region by Luis Martín, after having lived a large part of his life outside of Spain (California, London, Beijing and Istanbul). Luis belongs to the fifth generation of wine makers at Torrederos and observed the destiny of wine barrels at the time of saying goodbye to the winery that housed them for 4 years.

Luis asked himself: Doesn’t these used wine barrels , after a long journey, deserve a better destiny? He turned an old family stable into an atelier. There and in an artisanal way he stared to give new life to these magnificent oak pieces with a garnet tint inside.


The barrels in which the wine ages are made of oak wood, mainly coming from French and North American forests.

OAK tree

Oaks trees used to make wine barres need more than 80 years before they are being cut.

Oak seasoning

Oak staves need two years of seasoning. Then, a purely artisanal work ends the construction process of these barrels, which even see the fire inside to be able to be curved.

wine ageing in barrels

The barrels remain in the cellars for about four years, allowing micro-oxygenation of the wines that sleep in them. The tannin of the wine little by little create a garnet layer on its walls that will not allow proper micro-oxygenation.

up-cycling used barrels

After 4 years, these barrels will have finished their main function in the winery and will very often be used for uses of little value, such as a pot in a garden. Using the concept of “up-cycling” these barrel staves are given greater value.

new products

enoStave, in an artisanal way, keeping the essence that these barrel staves have always had, design and manufactures new products